The Glasses are Strong with this one…

Nerdly in Carbonite, by KOS brick, on Flickr


It seems such a random thing to do, to slap thick black nerdy glasses onto anything remotely Star Wars. And you might have noticed that the last couple of days, this myopic infestation has been spreading quickly. The reason is that we’re really in the season of contests, and fellow blog Bricknerd is leaving its mark. Bricknerd’s mascot is the adorable 2×2 red brick with signature glasses, Nerdly. Over the years, more and more people have fallen prey to its adorableness, and to satisfy its hunger for power, an annual contest is held to put those glasses onto every character, beast and vehicle imaginable. Not only is it incredibly lucrative with some sweet prizes, but it seems to be a great deal of fun too, judging by the sheer amount and quality of the entries. This year, the main focus is Star Wars, making the results even nerdier than usual. We’ve got anything from the hilarious to the genius to the downright artistic, all of the highest quality, making it incredibly hard for me to focus on just a few. So I won’t. You might think that’s just lazy of me, but wait until you get knocked over by this parade of awesomeness. Moreover, Nerdly will approve of the propaganda.


Nerdly R2-D2, by Palixa And The Bricks, on FlickrIt's a NERD, by captainsmog, on Flickr
NERDvember Darth Maul, by nobu_tary, on Flickr

Every builder succeeds in making the material his in a very special way. With Nerdly in Carbonite, for example, KOS brick combines his signature clean and moody style with the fun source material to create a tragic build with added drama. And Palixa And The Bricks‘ R2-D2 succeeds like no other creation in getting Nerdly round and Artoo square, right in the Goldilocks zone. And didn’t captainsmog pull off the perfect joke with his It’s a NERD!, with the glasses that only worsen the Admiral’s ability to sense a ruse? Finally, nobu_tary‘s Darth Maul is a stand-out creation with its artistic quality (I almost see him wielding double red paintbrushes!), and a leading candidate in the list of best Darth Maul creations ever. So are your nerdichlorians already tingling? Well, then use the next week to put on those glasses, feel smart, and build brilliantly. If you want even more goodness, you can see all entries here. And if you’re really in the mood, you can always try slapping a Rebel logo on any character, beast and vehicle possible…

Man, we really should rethink our logo on MOCappeal…


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