Rey’s Speeder, Speeder, SPEEDER!

Pimp my speeder, by Priovit70, on Flickr


Our colleagues at The Brothers Brick are organizing a contest. The objective is to take Rey’s speeder from the Force Awakens to the next level with paint, wings, cannons and – if possible – a nice place to store a shovel, a bucket and some sand molds for the kids. Every single entry is boggling my mind with its amashing creativity, but – I guess you expect I now say that Priovit70‘s creation above is among the best entries. Well, I won’t, because the lovely creation above isn’t an entry for the contest, it’s the inspiration for it.

So Priovit70 was the first to look at Rey’s ride and see the enormous potential for adding all kinds of bells and whistles to it. He immediately picked the details that make us all giddy. A blue base, greebly grey areas, extra fins, yellow lights, bumblebee stripes and that logo, and you know that classic space has entered the monitor. I love how the builder managed to couple the classic space aesthetic with the round shapes of the speeder by making sure there are some harder edges and slopes present. And that look of the back throws you back to the old days when Star Wars ships weren’t that polished and had exposed tubes all over the place. Creating something new but having it evoke the pleasures of the past, that really get’s me excited to see what the future brings, especially if it brings more of Priovit70’s wonderful creations!


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