Rebels Review: Brothers of the Broken Horn

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What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: This episode was off to a bumpy start. Rex and Kanan’s disagreements on how Ezra should be trained are taking their toll on the kid. So much so that he abandons his responsibilities to check out a distress signal while the others are on a mission. However, things quickly start looking up when he meets a certain space pirate. He joins Hondo Ohnaka on a mission that soon goes south when it results in another confrontation with Azmorigan who wants them both dead. It’s always nice when old plot lines resurface like this, even if they are from one of the worst episodes in the series, and the action was pretty decent too. I also liked the twist where it turns out that Hondo actually stole the Broken Horn from Vizago rather than winning it in a fair game which seems like more his style and allows Ezra to repay his debt to Vizago, another plot line from season 1. So while this episode didn’t further the main plot of this season, at least it wrapped up/continued some smaller plots from the previous season.
BEAVeR: It seems we have a new rule: a new episode, a new character. Not that new this week, if you’ve seen The Clone Wars. I don’t remember particularly liking Hondo, but i loved him here. This was the first genuinely funny episode, much better than the Fighter Flight debacle. Apart from that though, it wasn’t a great episode. Introducing more characters every twenty minutes might be good to diversify the show, but it drains the momentum out of the main plot: we had like five frames of Empire in this episode, which takes the pressure away and makes the Inquisitors’ visit from last episode seem like an accident. The diversity is great, but it’s a big pity the new characters don’t interact with the story, as it wastes a wealth of opportunities for some serious development. Because it doesn’t fit well into the story, the start and end of this episode felt quite awkward too, lessening the enjoyment of what came in between.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Oky: I grew to love Hondo over the course of the Clone Wars and it was great seeing him again here. It was interesting to find out that he is not doing so well during this era, having lost his crew and being reduced to stealing ships from criminals on his own. It really shows how much of an impact the Empire has on the galaxy during this time, even on pirates, and I wish they would have explored this tragic side of his story more, but it’s fine since it wasn’t really relevant to the plot. He was as delightfully humorous as always and he looked much better in the Rebels style than in the Clone Wars style. Chopper was pretty awesome in this episode too. I couldn’t help but cheer when he came in to rescue Ezra and Hondo, guns blazing! Ezra on the other hand acted a bit out of character here. It is understandable that he doesn’t like being “caught in the crossfire” of Rex and Kanan’s rivalry, but the fact that he was seriously considering joining Hondo’s crew and leaving the rebellion, his new family, and everything he was fighting for behind just because he had a lot on his plate at the moment didn’t seem like something he would do so easily. I think there could have been a better reason for him to consider running away.
Posted ImageBEAVeR: What was most awkward about this episode, was Ezra suddenly getting tired of everything now things become less exciting for a bit and he has a backlog on ‘homework’. I thought we’d already dealt with this issue in a previous episode? Having the ‘hero’ fall back like that tries to show us he’s a normal person who gets tired from time to time, but all it achieves with me is to discredit all that I saw in previous episodes about him being responsible now. It glosses over all of those sacrifices and serious events and it almost requires the responsibility arc to be built up all over again… definitely not a good thing.
But let’s forget all that and talk Hondo. I don’t particularly remember being overly fond of him in The Clone Wars, but he totally rocked in this episode. I already look forward to seeing him again in a slightly more meaningful context, as he was such a great and ‘new’ character. Concepts like good or bad didn’t even seem to apply to him, as he didn’t just seemingly switched sides constantly in a crazy, swashbuckling plot, but because his only motivation seems to be the fun he’s having doing it. Just look at the way he summarizes all of his adventures in The Clone Wars by saying he loved those times and the Jedi that featured in it, putting it all into a nice perspective. And then there’s the expression on his face when he realizes Ezra has been lying to him, and his straight out hugging him, or his not even being disappointed when his little lie gets unmasked in the end. And he had some serious moments as well, with a surprising rationality at times, and once again that great implication of drama in just a sentence when he reveals he has lost his crew. I must congratulate the makers of the show on creating such beautiful bridges between the two series. All in all, Hondo was great, not black, not white, not even grey, but utterly colorful.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky: There wasn’t much new in this episode, except for the planet Nixus of which we only saw a generic hangar of. We also got to see Garel again, the planet from the first episode of the series. It’s surprising that the rebels are able to stay here safely, considering that the Empire has seen them on this planet before and could be looking for them there.
BEAVeR: Yay, another hangar… great. At least we got a new glimpse of Garel, which still looks beautiful and undershowed. I don’t recall seeing the SoroSuub Luxury Yacht in the show, but it certainly isn’t new.

Oky’s Rating: 3.5/5 – This one was a bit of a mixed bag. It didn’t add anything to the main plot and I really think they could have handled Ezra’s character arc better, but I liked all the parts with Hondo (although I might be biased in that regard) and some loose ends from the last season got addressed. So overall, it could have been better, but it was enjoyable enough.
BEAVeR’s rating: 3/5 – There wasn’t really anything deep or shocking about this episode, but I genuinely enjoyed it, and was a good funny episode with one of those crazy plots that takes you on a wild ride. Hondo is back and better than ever before and makes this episode just slightly worthwhile, because of the very weird character development on everyone else, that seems to come from at least two seasons ago… But man, it was enjoyable.


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