Small Scenes From A Big Galaxy

 Small Scenes From A Big Galaxy, by Vesa Lehtimäki, on flickr


Newer readers of this blog may not be aware that I’m just a little obsessed by Star Wars photography, and during the last couple of years I’ve written a series of blogs which have attempted to showcase the very best examples from across the web.  One of my all time favourite photographers is Avanaut, aka Vesa Lehtimäki, who has continually pushed at the boundaries of this genre, and set the standard for others to follow.  According to flickr, he currently has over 15,000 followers, and I’ll readily admit that I’ve productively wasted many hours looking through his photo stream!

Well, the great news for fans is that  Dorling Kindersley has recently published a 176 page book which includes examples of Avanaut’s most stunning work, plus an insight into the methods used to create them.  DK’s website states:

‘…this beautiful art book features hilarious new takes on classic Star Wars characters and themes. Breathtaking photography combines quirky LEGO art with the drama of the Star Wars universe, with stunning results. Plus Vesa Lehtimäki shares his secrets in behind-the-scenes insights which will inspire any photographer or LEGO builder.

I’m really pleased that he’s achieved such recognition, which is totally deserved, congratulations Vesa!


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