Rebels Review: Always Two There Are

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What did you think of the Plot?
BEAVeR: One of the greatest qualities of Rebels is the awesome continuity in the story. We’ve been introduced to some ‘new’ characters, and they don’t just silently fade away in the background. No, keep interacting with our main characters in new and interesting ways. Yes, this episode was of to a good start… and wait, suddenly we’re in a horror mood? Okay then… it’s sudden, but I like where it goes as it manages to feel somehow better than Out of Darkness. The corridors, the buglike droids, and o my god, two new and awesome inquisitors! Such suspense with the tense action and… wait, suddenly we’re in a slapstick mood?
This episode had some great elements in it, with a nice introduction, a ‘fun’ horror sequence, tense moments, interesting character development and some sweet visuals. But when viewed as a whole, it breaks down because it can’t decide what mood it wants to be in. There are many interesting things started, but they are suddenly interrupted and never finished, giving the impression this episode was just pieced together. Continuity across different episodes is great, but I’d appreciate some more continuity withing individual episodes as well…
Oky: This episode continued the plot of the previous episode nicely as the rebels now have Rex’s intel and are using it to get medical supplies for the rebellion. I also liked how we learned a bit more about the Inquisitors. Apparently there are several of them and the one from last season was their leader. Moreover, Darth Vader seems to have told them about Ahsoka and sent them out to hunt her and the other Jedi in the rebellion down. This gave the episode some fairly high stakes. I get what they were going for with the title of this episode, but it’s actually ironic that they are referencing Yoda’s line about the Rule of Two considering that these Inquisitors, while not technically Sith, are clearly stand-ins for Sith apprentices and are kind of breaking that rule, but I digress.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Posted ImageBEAVeR: Everything actually really went well in this department. I love how the conflict between Kanan and Rex is taken into a new direction, and coming from both sides now, and it’s just interesting to see how the orphan Ezra suddenly gets two father figures that are competing with each other. It also suggests how full of difficulties the road to becoming a Jedi is. What’s fun about this episode, is that we get to see how all of those teachings are put into practice when Ezra faces the inquisitors. He doesn’t hesitate to save others, he withstands all of the threats and in the end his perceptiveness helps them all to escape. Talking about escapes, Zeb was wonderful in this episode, mostly. His comic endeavors where the low point of this episode, but it was great to have him reflecting about his responsibilities, for once not relying on his brute force but more on his brain (although the escape plan was… flawed), and displaying his humble nature in his one way conversation with Chopper. In just a few lines, he became a way more dramatic and relatable character, and I’m sure it will affect the way I see him in the future. No matter what stunts he tries out next.
The inquisitors were awesome, as they each had a distinct and new flavor to them. The Fifth Brother is more your typical Sith Apprentice, but he’s a good one, effortlessly outwitting traps, effective, and doesn’t show the cold restraint most of the others do making him a feared and unpredictable villain. The Seventh Sister was all mysterious, utilitarian, not afraid to use gadgets, manipulative and above all: female. It must be the first female villain we see in this era, and it’s great to see her use completely different tactics from the rest. And the few hints they both dropped about the structure of the inquisition made me really excited… great things are coming!
Oky: The episode mainly serves to introduce two new Inquisitors, and honestly, I thought they were a bit bland. At first glance, they just seem like more bad guys with red spinning lightsabers.However, they do have distinct personalities with the Fifth Brother being a bit brutish and the Seventh Sister being more scheming and focused on acquiring information. They were the symbolic representation of brute strength and wits and they were incapable of working together, resulting in their failure at the end, which was a clever way of teaching the moral of this story. Zeb and Ezra both learn a good lesson about using their wits instead of relying on their physical abilities. Zeb also gets some nice depth when he admits to himself (and Chopper) that he is nothing without his team. And it was interesting to see Kanan and Rex competing for the role of Ezra’s mentor.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Posted ImageBEAVeR: We’ve seen the Haven-class medical station before in the Clone Wars, but not in this way: it get’s a completely different atmosphere that feels right. The episode might have worked a bit better if we would have seen more of the structure of a medical facility, but it was fine. Two weeks ago, I mentioned I was fond of the probe droids. So how can I not love the ID9 Seeker droids? They’re sneaky, pack some punch, scary and not so goofy as those buzz droids… the perfect pet for an inquisitor. Both of them looked incredible by the way, with completely new designs that make them unfamiliar and therefore menacing in every aspect.
Oky: The old abandoned medical station from the Clone Wars was cool to see and had a creepy vibe about it. The Seventh Sister’s “pet” droids were also kinda neat and resembled one of the droids that the Empire uses in the new Star Tours.

BEAVeR’s rating: 3.5/5 – Another ‘scary’ episode, but executed way better than Out of Darkness. Again, the suspense was there, but this time we had some solid character moments as well (go, Zeb!), and some new villains to enjoy. The sudden mood shifts ruined it however, completely getting you out of the story, giving you the impression you watched several tiny episodes. It’s a major flaw, but without it, this would have been a great one.
Oky’s Rating: 4/5 – This was an enjoyable Halloween episode with a foreboding tone throughout, although it was never creepy enough to actually scare anyone. While it was once again light on plot, it had some clever symbolism and character development and introduced two new villains. It will be interesting to learn more about the Inquisitor order. Next up: Hondo!


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