[MOC] The Endless Towers of Coruscant

Coruscant High-Rise, by Finnoses, on Eurobricks


I make no secret that I’m primarily an Original Trilogy fan, but I’ll willingly concede that some elements of them were eclipsed by the Prequels.  In particular, and due to the development of CGI, the ability to create a greater impression of scale was a very obvious leap forward and it allowed some truly epic background scenery to be generated.  And, amongst the most impressive was Coruscant; a planet-sized metropolis seen extensively in Episode III, which has been replicated in-part in this superb MOC by Finnmoses.

The photo above doesn’t really give an indication of the true scale of it, but it’s actually 7 feet high!  It has taken Finnmoses over a year to construct, and the different storeys are crammed with numerous scenes from the films; it’s difficult to choose from amongst them but my favourites are the Chancellor’s chambers and Dex’s Diner which are impressive enough to be MOCs in their own right.  The level of detail is incredible, and I can’t begin to imagine the amount of work and commitment that it’s taken; the greebling on the buildings is amazing and the extensive LED lighting really adds to it.  Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a look at the extensive array of other images, it’s well worth a look!


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