Just Keep a Cool Head

The Command of the AT-AT, by LiLmeFromDaFuture, on Eurobricks


When you learn that LiLmeFromDaFuture’s definite snowspeeder was just a spin-off of a minifigure scale AT-AT project, your heart skips a beat. I wished for this when discussing the snowspeeder, and now we get to see just the head of the AT-AT, and it’s already looking like something that will set a completely new standard. It doesn’t just look incredible, it’s unbelievably accurate as well: I can’t discover a single feature on the studio model, from the tiniest of greebles to the subtlest of ridges, that hasn’t found a place. It’s remarkable how the builder used rather unusual parts and features you’d normally want to hide to achieve this, like the belly of the jumper plate, that tiny gap beneath the visor that’s the backside of an erling brick, the side of a grill brick or the triangular flags that never looked this good before. Even areas that seem to contain no details where handled expertly. You’ve probably noted the half plate offsets of the tiles on the roof, but what’s most subtle is the use of smaller and bigger pieces in the absolutely flat areas, of which the seams create a perfectly interesting pattern. Every brick contributes to the look and feel in several ways, which makes it really fun to pour over. And once the lack of gaps gets through to you, you realize there is some serious engineering wizardry going on just to fill those extra millimeters in. Yes, the inside does look rather complex according to the builder. So top, bottom (check it out!), outside and inside, no matter where you look, it’s clear this creation is in an entirely new category. It’s definitely worth it to look at all of the pictures and considerations in the topic, because there’s so much to discover about this piece. And that’s just the head.


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