Veni, Vidi, Vici

Venator-Class Star Destroyer, by Alec, on Flickr


Some creations just look invincible. Take Anio’s UCS Venator for example: who would even have the courage to try to top that model, that definite version? Well, it turns out there’s always a bigger ship. Alec’s version surpasses the adjective “ultimate”, with it’s clean forms, smooth surface and ample detailing… it looks to be Jerac’s Star Destoryer’s close cousin. I could go on and on about every single clever detail, the ingenuity involved in getting the surface so smooth, the perfect proportions and angles used, the dedication to make every single area the prettiest, the crème de la crème of classic greebling, the casual beauty of the tiniest of subcomponents… but the mere thought is taking me too far already and it’s better to see all of those things with your own eyes anyway.

The wow-factor of this creation is overwhelming. But don’t be satisfied that quickly, because there are a lot more of really interesting things to discover about this model… Take a look at those stripes, for example. Don’t you just love how the decorations are really part of the ship, and don’t just lie on top of it, as in so many creations? It makes for a solid, unified and realistic ship. There’s also the notable absence of texturing on the main hull. Laziness? Nope. The smooth area is quite large, but elongated, so it doesn’t feel like a huge gap. At the same time, it provides a resting point for the viewer amidst all of the details competing for attention. It avoids cluttering, and there are plenty of gorgeous details along the border anyway to make it look great. Another thing that’s absent is the Republic logo, and this might actually be a great decision. In past creations, I’ve often noticed that you recognize the logo and see it makes sense, but the necessarily blocky nature of a brick-built emblem disrupts the flow of the ship. So it looks accurate, but not really great. I don’t miss the logo here, but love the way the ship looks. It shows how Alec had the courage to leave out seemingly important details for the sake of making this splendid illusion. That way nothing on this ship helps me to understand it’s made of ABS and not some kind of fancy space-steel – and I love it for that. Still not convinced it’s made of bricks? Then go here, look at the beautiful pictures, and behold this victory of MOCcing.


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