Don’t Blink, Blink and you’re Dead

Blinky, by Dodge, on Flickr


I’m sorry to disappoint if you were expecting a Doctor Who related post with that title. But if the mere thought of Weeping Angles gives you shivers all across your spine, that’s good, because it’s almost Halloween! That asks for the mandatory themed post. Sadly, Star Wars isn’t exactly the scariest of franchises. There are those moments, but I haven’t seen anyone tackle that Mynock that scares the Force out of everyone in that asteroid… brrr… But just when you’re starting to think you won’t be having any nightmares tonight, you stumble across Dodge’s adorable Blinky.

TIE’s have been nicknamed ‘eyeballs’, even in-universe, so replacing the cockpit by an actual eyeball isn’t that far fetched. Still, the result is far more unsettling then anyone could have imagined. The green goo and the deadly stare give it something otherworldly and utterly creepy. And then that gaping maw, rimmed with teeth, smiling because it is sure of another delicious victim. The thin wings and reaching claws give the impression this monster comes falling out of the sky, straight on target, in a horrifying flurry. What makes it all so scary is the lack of substance in the body: everything’s tied together by a bare skeleton. It is as if Blinky evolved to include only the parts he needs to catch, devour and creep out his prey. It’s the perfect blend of the organic, that gives it believability, and the not-quite-organic, that gives you the uncanny feeling this is something inescapable: the most effective recipe for something that will make you look up in the dark next time you hear what others think is a bird… I’m surprised Dodge didn’t run away from his MOCcing table, being so close to this thing. But I’m glad he didn’t, because he created the perfect Halloween creation that’s especially enjoyable for us Star Wars fans, because the resemblance to the TIE interceptor is so great that next time I watch the original trilogy, that Mynock won’t be the thing I’ll be fearing the most… It requires some serious insight, a real eye for the unusual, to make those connections that just work as a concept and make for an eye-catching creation with such skill. So if you care more about incredible MOCs than the content of your dreams, be sure to check out the horror in full size here. Sleep tight.


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