Kneel Before the Colossus

All Hail Darth Vader, by John Ho, on Flickr


It’s not just the new trailer for episode VII that made sure Star Wars was all across the web last week. Did you hear about that statue of Vladimir Lenin in Odessa, Ukraine, that received a make-over? Well, one leader of a great empire makes way for another one, because now it’s Darth Vader who makes sure ships in the Black Sea make a detour. Don’t believe me? Find out more about it here, for example, and discover how this isn’t the first appearance our Sith Lord makes in the country…

John Ho built the creation depicted above weeks ago, long before the statue was news, yet it proves to be prophetic. It cleverly features one of the best sets from the buildable action figures line as a beautiful, imposing and threatening image of the most feared man in the galaxy. The posing by itself calls known propagandic imagery to mind, and takes it to a new level of unstoppableness. Then there’s a lot of plussing going on, with some extra statues flanking big brother, a massive pedestal and a solid yet beautiful platform that incorporates some nice angles, gaps and techniques. And those troopers adding some finishing touches to it gives the creation a unique identity and story, so you won’t forget it lightly. “Impressive for a set display”, I hear you say. Well, not really. Because technically, everything you see in the picture is a MOC. Yup, John Ho is one of the lucky few that made it to Billund and happens to be the designer who worked on the official 75111 Darth Vader buildable action figure! Plenty of reasons to adore this creation. So check out the pictures and kneel, kneel before the colossus that is this builder.


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