Rebels Review: Relics of the Old Republic

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What did you think of the Plot?
BEAVeR: Some movies only need a little bit of plot to create a memorable and fun watching experience. They have incredible set pieces to offer with original action that leaves you wanting for more. This episode came close to that. We have virtually no plot with the basic premise being that our heroes are in danger and need to survive. But the way they do it looks incredible. We haven’t seen fighters attacking ground targets a lot before, so it was great and refreshing to see those TIEs diving around like hawks to catch their prey. And the entire sequence of AT-TE versus AT-AT, deliciously slow-paced (!) as it was, was intense, resourceful and beautiful. It all might have gone a little over the top somewhere, the original excitement of the battle of Hoth was never far away. So while on the plot side of things, things were still pretty mediocre, the gorgeous action almost made me forget all about that.
Oky: This episode had even less of a plot than the last one. It was basically just one big action scene where the rebels are trying to escape the mess that they got into, but it works because the action is quite decent and relevant to the story, unlike the fishing scene in the last episode (which got rendered completely pointless when they had to ditch the Joopa during this episode). It was like a mix between Mad Max: Fury Road and those old submarine movies, except instead of submarines you have walkers and instead of flame-throwing guitars you have lightsabers. The scene in the sandstorm had the same kind of suspense as a submarine film with each party trying to outsmart the other without knowing where exactly the other is. It was something we haven’t really seen in Star Wars before, so it was interesting to see how our heroes handled this situation using both the clones’ military experience and the Jedi’s force sensitivity.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
BEAVeR: Just like in the previous episode, character-centric scenes are rare, but at least they were significant and made sense now. I didn’t think the clones would change much in this episode, but while their actions weren’t unpredictable, I loved what they did. They really showed they still have a knack for conducting war, with their inventive tactics. Their sense of duty coming up when they ‘order’ the Rebels to leave them, and their excitement when the Jedi came back to help them, made even me nostalgic for the Clone Wars as well. And your heart must be of stone if you didn’t love Rex’s and Ahsoka’s reunion, that genuinely moved me.
I quite loved Ezra’s relation to Rex, with him wanting to learn and wanting to know about the Clone Wars. And on the other side of the spectrum is Kanan, who has locked those events far away and shivers when he’s called a commander, only to end up being a great one: he seems to be born to do what he despises. Ezra’s “use the Force”-moment wasn’t incredibly significant, but it was a great reference to A New Hope, which the show’s creator seem to be very fond of.
The Empire, finally, did a nice job. They were effective, but over-estimated their competences once more. Calling away the Star Destroyer in the middle of an operation seemed odd to me though, but demonstrates the lack of faith Imperials have in each other. I’m curious if this will have repercussions for Kallus… Either way, we got introduced to a menacing new Inquisitor, with a never-before heard accent…
Oky: I really liked Rex in this episode. The way he boldly taunted Agent Kallus was really cool as it showed his bravery and confidence in his and his brothers’ abilities as soldiers. It’s great that he was able to get over his apathy and join the rebels at the end, and his reunion with Ahsoka was quite touching. Kanan’s character arc of learning to trust the clones was also wrapped up nicely and Ezra had a very ANH-like “use the force” moment. We also got our first look at the new Inquisitor. He seemed very confident in himself, but I’m afraid he will prove to be just as incompetent as the last Inquisitor. I guess we will find out how good he is in the next episode.

What is your opinion of the Vehicles and Locations?
BEAVeR: AT-AT’s!!! Well, at least, kind of… I liked the changes they made to make if feel completely the same yet look a little bit differently, which is great because the look ties in perfectly with that of the Imperial Troop Transport. Their humongous size made them even more impressive as usual, and the headlights were a nice touch that looked great in this particular episode. The tense chase in this episode must have been one of the slowest chases in cinema history, but it looked great with the AT-AT’s inevitably closing in on their target, like the walls of a room that keep coming closer, their lights watching in the darkness to demonstrate you might be able hide, but won’t be able to run… I loved how they used a new way of bringing them down in this episode, as it makes them feel more real.
Oky: It was good to finally see some AT-ATs in this show. I guess this is their first canonical appearance outside of the movies. And it was interesting to see them in a different environment other than Hoth or Endor and that there are other ways to defeat them than to trip them with a wire. Rex’s comment about how they don’t fall over with only four legs was amusing, but it didn’t make much sense that this was a surprise to him because we have seen clones riding around on walkers with only two legs all the time in The Clone Wars.

BEAVeR’s Rating: 3.5/5 – I’d love to see this episode again with it’s phenomenal action sequences, but I don’t think second viewing would reveal much more because of the thin plot and rare (but reasonably strong nonetheless) moments of character development. It was a mediocre present splendidly wrapped. While it might have worked in a movie, the short span of the episode leaves it without much significance. Sure, it did end up getting the clones back to the Rebellion and getting Kanan closer to his past, but those changes couldn’t really sink in… it feels a bit like a wasted opportunity.
Oky’s Rating: 3/5 – The interesting action balanced out the lack of a plot, making for an average episode. There was some nice character development and a few more references to the movies, but ultimately there could have been more substance. Let’s hope the next episode will provide it.


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