Rebels Revew: The Lost Commanders

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What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: After the awesomeness that was the Season 1 finale and the Season 2 opener, this one felt a lot more like a filler. There is not much of a plot aside from the rebels seeking help from Captain Rex after their defeat in the season opener, but it was interesting to see what the surviving clones from the Clone Wars are up to during this time period. The way the rebels found the clones by using a tactical droid head was pretty clever. I liked that first half of the episode. The second half was basically just a big homage to Jaws and didn’t serve any purpose other than to have some action in the episode, so I didn’t like it as much.
BEAVeR: I really digged the premise of this episode and the way it relates to The Siege of Lothal. We see the devastating impact Lord Vader made all on his own, both materially and morally. The Rebels getting their stuff back together and trying to find ways to cope with this new threat is a nice and logical place to start. Building on knowledge from the Clone Wars to find new locations is an exciting move that makes sense to me. And so our heroes depart to ask some of our old friends for this information. That’s the premise, and that’s what I liked. But I had the feeling the rest of the episode hadn’t much to tell in story, with just a couple of interesting character moments and some action that got me only mildly excited.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Oky: Gregor lives! Unfortunately they don’t explain how he survived the explosion back on Abafar, but it’s good to see that he didn’t die just to protect a bunch of droids. Sadly, it seems that his brain has sustained even more damage since the whole amnesia ordeal, but at least he seems to be happy with his current life. It was great seeing Rex and Wolfe again too. It made sense that Rex was more trusting of the rebels than his brothers, having grown more and more independent and compassionate over the course of the Clone Wars, while Wolfe, who was always a more obedient clone, was a lot more paranoid. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of these guys. It’s understandable that Kanan didn’t trust them, but I have a feeling he will learn to trust them in the end. I also enjoyed Zeb’s cynical comments throughout the episode. I like this type of humor from him a lot more than the slapstick. Oh, and Sabine has a new look now which was supposedly inspired by the scorch marks that she sustained during their last encounter with the Empire.
BEAVeR: There wasn’t a lot of interesting stuff going on with our main characters: most of them didn’t undergo any change in this episode. We got to see Hera pretty angry and Zeb pretty vengeful (only to come to terms with him being used immediately, which makes him pretty superficial). Kanan had some foreseeable issues with the Clone Wars commanders, and persisted in them throughout the episode. It’s great that we see he really has some kind of trauma that won’t disappear over the course of a single episode, and that influences the way he thinks, speaks and acts. He’s really one of the more relatable, interesting and thought-out characters of the show until now.
It was great to see the clones again, and the creators did a great job hinting at their story that spans the period from the Clone Wars up until now. They really managed to convey a sense of tragedy in just a few words and with little heavy acting. Them getting out their chips, joining the Empire for a bit and living away from everything really is enough to convince you of all of the pain and agony they’ve gone through. It’s nice to see they’ve sunk into a state of apathy, and how they react to someone trying to get them out of that state of mind. Gregor doesn’t seem to mind really, but he managed to come across as a clone with a heart. At first, Rex seemed to have lost his faith in the world, but it now seems he sees a chance to redeem himself a bit. And Wolffe… I liked that he still tended to act as a soldier and obey the rules, thus turning the Rebels in to the Empire, but his sudden remorse when Rex talked to him really seemed to come out of the blue… So some things that happened in this episode didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but it really delivered in getting me excited about what they didn’t show but only hinted at.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky: Now that we have finally moved on from Lothal, we get to see some new locations. Seelos isn’t much more interesting than Lothal as it is just a big flat salt plain, but the painterly sky makes it look quite beautiful, and the giant worm-like Joopas that inhabit this planet give it sort of a Dune feel. We don’t really get any new vehicles, but the modified AT-TE that the clones live in is pretty cool. It almost looks like a post-apocalyptic version of an AT-TE. I would love to see a MOC of it someday. It was also neat to see the probe from The Empire Strikes Back which behaved just like it did in the movies.
BEAVeR: Maybe it’s because Gregor in this episode, or maybe it’s because not a lot of things are happening in this episode, but Seelos really reminded me of Abafar from the last droid arc in The Clone Wars, and that’s not a pleasant association. Still, from a symbolic perspective, it made sense for the clones to go there so I’m okay with it. The Joopa looked great, and gave the desert a further sense of terror, and again, was meaningful symbolically for the clones living in this apathic state, trying not to care about anything, but with their inner demons they need to confront now they’re called upon, conquering them together with their new found friends, to get food for their soul. Or was I the only one that saw that?
The AT-TE was a nice surprise and was really fitting as a home for these clones who have only known war. And I’ve always loved the probe droids. This one especially was very sneaky and competent, making him my favorite to date.

Modified AT-TE.jpg

Oky’s Rating: 3/5 – This episode was not bad, but it did feel a bit like filler, especially the second half. It was great seeing some familiar faces, though, and there were a lot of nice references to The Clone Wars and the movies. Overall, it seems like this episode is just setting up the next one which looks like it will be a much bigger episode, so I look forward to that.
BEAVeR’s Rating: 2.5/5 – I was fond of the context of this episode and of a number of disconnected elements. It’s just the way it all came together, with twists that make little sense, plot devices that are only there to set up the next episode and some moments in which nothing appears to happen, leaving very little in my memory. It’s great how this show has a strong overarching story with great characters. They just need to remember that from time to time.


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