When you Wish upon a Death Star

Imperial Shuttle Tyderium - for girls, by Kloou, on Flickr


We hope you’ve figured it out by now, but just to set things straight, that post back in April wasn’t entirely true, or not true at all to be completely honest (our Bothan spies didn’t do their work properly…). But aren’t you sad that we won’t be seeing a LEGO Disney Princess Star Wars line so boys and girls could equally take part in the intergalactic fun? I know I am. Especially when I see Kloou‘s awesome creation that shows how much potential the theme holds.

His coach takes the elegance of the Imperial shuttle to the next level, with gold ornaments, flowing shapes, a refreshing lick of paint, plenty of storage space and a handy little step for the Empress to get gracefully to the ground to inspect how progress is going in the fully operational ballroom. The color blocking is amazing, with the orange really getting the best out of the white, in particular when those beautiful, elegant ornaments surrounding the door are involved. Furthermore, I love the little details that remind us how this beauty came to be, like the root pieces at the bottom or the stalks at the top that are more than just some lovely details. Yes, I could’ve never imagined a pumpkin turning into such an amazing creation, so I’m glad Kloou imagined it for me. And now I see what is possible, I have no problems accepting that mouse chose to transform into a Rancor rather than a horse. It packs just a little bit more mousepower and makes sure ruthless bandits will think twice before they attack this convoy. It also makes sure this coach doesn’t need any cannons, that would only ruin the lovely aesthetic. And it would only be a nuisance to our Empress to waste her Forece Frost lightning on such ordinary scum. So hurry up before it’s midnight, and while our Rancor is disposing of another annoying paparazzo, to have a closer look at this gorgeous coach by royal designer Kloou. Are we sure this isn’t the original and Star Wars is just a lame copy?


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