Resistance is Futile

Star Wars Battlefront diorama, by Rollokster, on Eurobricks


AT-AT MOCs are always a delight to watch. But we’ve seen so many excellent renditions, only a few create a lasting impression. That said, be prepared to let Rollokster‘s minifig-scale walker join that select list. It stands out from the myriad of impressive but similar minifig-scale AT-AT’s we’ve seen so far by it’s baffling presentation. The composition, carefully recreated from the cover of the new Star Wars Battlefront game, is already really imposing with the walker dwarfing our hero, with a look that seems to say resistance is futile. The ominous red lighting from below helps to sell the tank’s immense scale, and the troopers in the background add that little bit extra to it. Then there’s the silhouette of the figure that seems to say it’s taking it’s chances to resist anyway… the entire atmosphere of the build is just so tense and epic, unlike any other LEGO image I’ve ever seen before. The undetectable picture editing only enhances it more: it makes me wish every MOC was presented this way!

Of course there’s more to success then a good presentation. If you look past the initial wow! (incredibly hard to do, but try anyway), you’re immediately wow!-ed again by the quality of the walker itself. Look at how effortless all of the angles match up perfectly. And the ‘coat’ of beast features a balanced texture with studs, tiles, seems and grills, that makes the walker look like a complete and effective walking fortress. The legs especially look incredible with some cutting-edge detailing. I thought the perfect combination of parts for the cockpit had already been found, but Rollokster whips up another variant that beats them all. It’s simple (maybe not so), effective and gorgeous. That walker is one mighty and beautiful sight to behold from back here. Still we feel the absolute terror of that unbeatable monster looking down at that feeble little Rebel: a combination that makes for an irresistible experience. Here you can experience the wonder, the horror and your new wallpaper to the fullest.


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