[SoNE IX] Some were deceived less severely

Gathering Intel, by WickNole, on Eurobricks


In their struggle for “friendship” with the Black Sun Crime Syndicate, both Imperial and Rebel agents were deceived, merely pawns in a predetermined game. However, it seems the Black Sun had the right faction in mind when they determined to collaborate with the Imperials. In the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka‘s ninth episode, they proved they can beat the Rebels even if they’re outnumbered. The seven builders for the Empire attained a higher score on average than the eight opponents, winning their third episode in a row. The victory wasn’t complete, however, with WickNole excelling with his “Gathering Intel” pictured above, getting the highest score of all participants. His entry is impressive and detailed in both build, story and presentation making it a perfectly balanced and memorable entry. goatman461’s “Hollow Men” pictured below stupefies with its incredible ships, unprecedented editing and dark story, all of that in cooperation with other builders. He ended in second place, first among the Imperials. Both he and WickNole can expect some exclusive, custom designed minifig gear generously sponsored by RoyalBrickCustoms. The Empire now has its fourth victory in hand, and is seriously closing in on the five Rebel victories. And until now, every episode has seen a different builder winning. You see you can really make a huge difference in the galaxy. So pick a faction, introduce yourself and help either side out, because their next mission is coming soon, and it might be the most important one yet…


Hollow Men, by goatman461, on Eurobricks

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