There Could be Millions of Alternate Universes…

Technic Millennium Falcon, by Joe Gan, on Flickr


At first, I was reluctant to blog yet another Star Wars-themed Technic alternate model by Joe Gan, so soon after his Y-wing. But he just keeps them coming at an incredible rate, with each build surpassing my expectations: you just have to see his latest creations. The fastest Technic set around, the 42000 Formula 1 car, must have inspired Joe Gan to build the fastest ship around in that other galaxy. It’s strange to see the Millennium Falcon with racing patterns on it, but to be fair, it does balance the strange shape of the ship nicely out with a greater sense of speed. The same is achieved by the smoothly curved and perfectly fitting panels. It’s a true miracle all of those panels come together so nicely to reproduce the shape of the ship better than most of the techniques system versions employ. Yes, with more accurate colors and some extra system and Technic parts, this might become one of the best recreations of the Falcon in LEGO! Technic just lends itself really well to the complex angles involved, and the parts can obviously make for impressive technical details. Still, it took years for a builder to notice the potential and build this bold beauty. Often, you say a builder is limited when he’s creating an alternate model, but here I have the impression a limited amount of parts actually freed the imagination of the builder to create something more beautiful a lot of us couldn’t match with every single brick in existence available. On one hand, I’d really like Joe Gan to stop building alternates for a moment and try to take this creation to the next level with better parts, but on the other hand, I can’t wait to see what more he makes to get me dreaming. So maybe some else feels up for the challenge? Well, more pictures of Joe’s model seem like a good place to start to me.


Technic Podracer, by Joe Gan, on Flickr


It doesn’t always have to be big. For Joe Gan, even the mere 329 pieces the 42005 Monster Truck boasts are enough to inspire (there are still some other elements present, you see) an awesome model, it seems. This podracer is the pinnacle of strength and speed, sleek only where necessary, with roaring engines where possible. The clean presentation and the silent hover make you move back from your screen a bit just to be sure you don’t damage it… and to be sure its engines won’t damage your hearing. Check it out before it’s away for its next lap!


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