The Key to Building Microscale…

AT-DP, by Brick Boy, on MOCpages


… is to make strange connections. Not in the sense of clipping some pieces together in a rather innovative semi-illegal way. You can see Brick Boy’s AT-DP is gorgeous while using nothing but officially possible connections (read: that are possible in LDD). No, it’s more about looking at a TIE-advanced, and not being able to get the idea out of your head that those wings are just like minifig shields. It’s about looking at the legs of an AT-DP and seeing keys. Strange at first, but when connected to the right pieces, it gives you an incredibly smart, tiny and recognizable walker that stands out from the crowd of bigger brothers. And connected to the ideal pieces, you get something with detail and presence, some twenty parts you can’t stop looking at. That’s what you see in Brick Boy’s AT-DP. He picked some parts that have rather complex features about them that get lost in bigger creations, but give the essential detail in this context. Every feature of those bricks fits in place: the square protruding from the keys mimics the asymmetrical joint of the reference model, the slot in the domes only makes it more accurate, and the clip holding the screwdriver looks just like the hinge holding the cannon. You see that every single aspect of every single piece – special or ordinary – was strangely connected to recreate every feature a good model of the AT-DP should sport. Only those pieces could do the job, and Brick Boy found them: he found the key to building the perfect micro walker from Rebels. You see there’s a lot to say about a small creation, so better check out those details you never noticed on the pieces you use every day.


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