Trash Talk

The Rebel Alliance Toilets, by Sad Brick, on FlickrWaste Separation, by Sad Brick, on Flickr


So you come home from work and finally get back to check all of your favorite LEGO-related websites. Do you want to look into every detail of a superb creation, or do you just want to relax and have fun? Why not both? I’m pretty sure Sad Brick‘s creations make your day in more than one way. First off, it are some very clean and pleasing builds, clearly communicating what’s going on and still finding room for subtle details, like the Rebel door, the nice pipes and a technique I can’t figure out to get those astromech bodies flush with the floor… But all of that just looks like a bonus when you consider the scenes depicted. I’m pretty sure someone has already noticed how similar astromechs are to trashcans. But going as far as to relate their colors to those used in waste separation? That’s brilliant. And sure, some refer to them as bucket heads, but professionally installing their helmets in a clean environment, only to… use them for human waste, is a hilarious contrast. It’s fun and it’s beautiful, but it makes you think about the depersonalization of the enemy that so often occurs in war, even today… Or you could spare yourself heavy-handed thoughts and just enjoy the build of course. This way to bricks and fun!


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