Bricks Not Make One Great

Nanoblock R2-D2, by inanoblock, on FlickrNanoblock Princess Leia, by inanoblock, on Flickr
Nanoblock Han Solo in Carbonite, by inanoblock, on FlickrNanoblock Luke Skywalker, by inanoblock, on Flickr


I’m taking a huge risk today. The number of readers might plummet to inconceivable depths, I may get banned, and if we’re really out of luck, the secret service might confiscate my bricks. Because today, I’m not going to talk about LEGO. Go fetch your tweezers because today we have Nanoblocks on the menu. This product isn’t just another cheap rip-off, but a completely different kind of building block. It isn’t just the size that is different (half a LEGO brick in every direction, and you have yourself the dimensions of a Nanoblock brick), it comes down to an entirely different aesthetic. Without any SNOT-bricks or curves, and with a minimum on specialized pieces, models tend to be more blocky, but at the same time more creative in a way. Just compare Nanoblock’s “Sights to See” series to LEGO’s “Architecture” line and you’ll see what I mean.

You can also see it in inanoblock‘s awesome Star Wars characters above. They are studful and blocky, but made in such a way that those aspects don’t annoy, but utterly please. It’s because they fit perfectly into the cute aesthetic of the characters, with the simple nature of the creations bringing us back to days of innocence, when we had only basic bricks to toy around with. It makes these figures not only adorable, but extremely likable. If you look closely, you can also spot various techniques to make the creations more interesting. There are various teeny offsets, ‘hinged’ parts (without any specialized hinge pieces), rounded corners where appropriate, suggestive detailing and even connectionless sideways building. inanoblock doesn’t need all of those fancy bricks we can’t build without to create one little must-have wonders right after the other. He shows what beauty and depth you can achieve with humble bricks. He teaches us that every offset, every basic hinge counts. I’m certainly falling for it, as I’m growing ever more impatient to get my tweezers on these little plastic goodies. It’s because his creations make me feel like I should start all over with building just because I can’t even work with the most basic of bricks. But that’s for later. First, I want to squint my eyes to enjoy every single millimeter (yes, there’s way more than shown here) of his monumental creations in his album.


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