A Tiemeless Classic

TIE Shuttle, by the Librarian, on Flickr


We just can’t seem to get enough of some ships. I’ve lost count of how many TIE fighters, interceptors, defenders, noodles and other creations I’ve admired. There’s something timeless in the design with the ball-shaped cockpit and the sleek black wings that captivates people, making them want to see it over and over again, yet always from a new angle. We’ve quickly learnt to know the Librarian as a builder who infuses known ships with a new personality. Recently, he worked his magic on the TIE fighter. Instead of just connecting a new shape of wings to the standard body, he took a bold move and stuck with the original wings. Putting them at an angle and making them subtly asymmetrical is all he needs to make something new and magical. That’s because he’s one of the first MOCcers to direct his attention to the body of the ship, drastically pumping it up so that the entire ship get’s a new function and character. A shortage of heavy guns and the abundant, curved volume of the ship makes clear this is not your one of your dime a dozen fighters, but something more dignified: it’s a shuttle. The structure of this ship hints at it beautifully: the tilting wings remind of the Imperial Shuttle, and when you look at the model from the back, you might be struck by the similarities with Senator Amidala’s ship in the beginning of episode II. And once again there are those small design choices that set this ship apart: the complex shape might hint at the more subtle techniques this ship uses to defeat the enemy, the gun at the back is a perfect illustration of the “speak softly but carry a big stick”-principle, the low center of gravity makes it look like the shuttle is stealing on a prey… The Librarian once again shows he knows everything about how to turn a ship from an it to a he/she. He uses the viewers knowledge of the universe and some subtle tricks to show us what words can hardy capture: this ship doesn’t need guns to be dangerous. And even if it’s just me that’s seeing all of these things, I’m sure you’re impressed, so have a closer look at this masterpiece right here.


TIE Advanced, by IMPERIAL FLEET, on Flickr


If this newcomer makes you uncomfortable, maybe some good old-fashioned familiar horror is more something for you. Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced made a gripping impression one won’t lightly forget. Who else but imperial fleet, known for his standard-setting renditions of all kinds of TIE’s, could capture the ship better? This isn’t his first version (in fact, his first one was featured on our banner in the past), but it seems like the new TIE windscreen and top hatch sparked his imagination, leading to this creation that will without any doubt be the reference for years to come. The level of detail on this one is exceptional. Just look at the outside of the wings that aren’t just so pretty and smooth, but actually feature some really fine and accurate ridges to make it come to life. Even in between the different panels there’s the grey line. And the inside of the wings is even more gorgeous, with remarkably rich detail for being so thing and all studs-in. I think most of us never noticed the hexagonal shape where the pylons attach to the wings, but yet here it is. And the sculpting of the front, that’s just impressive: it gives the UCS TIE a red blush. Oh, and we haven’t even had a look at the back yet! There you’ll find even more brilliant details and shapes. No matter how difficult it was to replicate them, all of the shapes that are almost hidden are present. You can see years of experience building TIE’s come together with new pieces, creating explosive results. This model looks like it will never be surpassed, not by a TIE Advanced MOC, not by any TIE creation. Yes, I think even Lord Vader would be proud to have this standing on his desk. So look at it while you still can, because who knows what might happen if he finds a hair of you on it…


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