You Disproportionate Glob of Grease

C-3PO & R2D2, by seb toutouille, on Flickr


Some builders are ever in search of the topic they’re good in. It took seb toutouille a while, but there’s no denying he has found his speciality. His amazingly adorable blockheads keep getting better and better, and keep getting higher on my want!-list. His C-3PO and R2-D2 are among my favorites, because a blocky interpretation lends itself really well to these mechanical mates. The curved rim on Threepio’s head is a nice touch that really sets him apart. And while it looks like a straightforward model, there are actually some subtle things going on, like the perfect way of tiling the face, the tiny round plate that gives detail to the shoulders and the headlight brick that gives definition to the feet. Notice how the half plate offset of Artoo’s front and the bracket on his head give a little hint of roundness and the naked stud under his eye pleases way more than it annoys. Yes, these characters are basically just blocks, but those are some very pretty blocks! And not only that… if you spot C-3PO’s pose and how it was achieved, or dig a little deeper and discover R2-D2 actually supports a third leg, you see it are some very clever blocks as well! Something simple, beautiful, small and adorable… it’s difficult to create, but easy to recreate. Luckily seb toutouille has tackled the first of those challenges of epic (dis)proportions, and blessed us with instructions as well. How could anyone resist?


R2-D2 & C-3PO (Micro scale), by umamen, on Flickr


One quality I didn’t mention of seb toutouille’s figures, is that they’re very good at stimulating other builder’s creativity. umamen, character builder extraordinaire, got a spark when looking at the figures above and made his own micro representation of the duo. You might have seen micro ships or landscapes before, but a micro character is something rather new, and I’ve never seen one in such detail, accuracy and realism as umamen’s. Who still needs minifigures after seeing this?


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