New Episode VII C-3PO polybag available from Toys R Us UK!

 C-3PO polybag, by Lobot, on Eurobricks


Great news for Star Wars fans in the UK!  The brand new Episode VII C-3PO promotional polybag (6123882) is now available in limited numbers from Toys R Us stores.

You can buy them for a very reasonable £4.99 each or, even better, you’ll get one free with a Star Wars Purchase of £15 or more!  The artwork of the bag is genuinely amazing and shows C-3PO at his very best, and I’m sure that it will be highly popular amongst collectors.  Unfortunately, the minifigure is pearl-gold rather than chrome, but you can’t have everything I suppose.  However, it’s crammed with details and, for the first time, C-3PO now has printing on his arms and sides of legs.  I’m not totally sure about the red arm, but perhaps it will make more sense in late December!  Visit the TRU website for details.


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