From an Alternate Universe

Technic Y-wing, by Joe Gan, on Flickr


Ever since the figures in the early 2000s, we haven’t seen a lot of Technic Star Wars creations. And ever since what was on the back of the boxes in the early 2000s, we haven’t seen a lot of Star Wars-themed alternate models. And let’s not even begin with thinking of the few Technic Star Wars alternate models we ever saw. They were there in the early 2000s. And suddenly, in 2015, they’re back, only way better. It seems like Joe Gan brought back the genre with a vengeance. Earlier, he shared a Republic Gunship made from the parts of the 9395 Pick-up truck. More recently, he transformed the white-and-blue 42025 cargo plane in a terrific Y-wing. He doesn’t full accuracy, because he manages to create a recognizable and beautifully different version with his 1297 pieces. I love the way he used the panels (those weren’t around in the early 2000s!) to create a perfectly smooth and interesting shape for the cockpit. The seams that could have been there, were cleverly covered by some axles, at the same time giving an edge to it, that nice bit of extra decoration. The engines are absolutely lovely as well. They’re way smoother than the ones on the original model, and kind of remind me of the engines of the USS Enterprise… never mind that. The point is they’re rather different but still amazing to look at, contributing to a smooth and strong ship. And there’s still a good amount of detail, with greebly bits, nice canons and even a very fine cockpit outline. It’s one more aspect showing us that achieving those features in an alternate model at the same time is only impossible for most of us. Yes, Joe Gan has the rare gift of seeing something different in a set than what’s on the box, and of making it look like those bricks were always intended to be arranged that way. Maybe all of the boxes just have the wrong instructions in them… That means you’ll be doing a lot of studying of the pictures of Joe Gan’s Y-wing.


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