Chewie, Set the Wow-Factor to 100%!

Punch it, Chewie!, by Pepa Quin, on Flickr


It’s always nice when a spaceship MOC features an interior. The controls are then composed of a couple of tiny levers. Cute and all, but maybe you’re one of the people who are not satisfied with that. You like to see more of that lever pulling, switch tumbling, dial turning and slider running goodness. You just want more controls and less ship! Sadly, such creations don’t come around every other day. But today is a good day, because Pepa Quin has a masterpiece in the genre just for you. His Millennium Falcon dashboard is sleek, detailed, functional, and screaming to get played with. It’s great how he didn’t just slap some levers on a board, but added decorations that give meaning to it all. All of the lines and panels help to structure it, and lead the pilot and the viewer. Things like the coloring of the levers, the sometimes symmetrical but sometimes asymmetrical layout and the gentle slope of the controls provide ergonomics and therefore believability. Imagine a couple of loose wires, and you’d think this is just a module taken out of the dashboard for repairs. Not too bad for a subject that has such a small amount of reference material available. I’d gladly trade in my keyboard for that module, and preferably some more… It has the advantage of giving me control of the fastest internet connection of the galaxy, but I bet it would be way harder to navigate to Pepa Quin’s Flickr to see the instruction manual…


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