Mastering the Universe in Style

Darth Skeletor and his A-T-C-A-T, by M<O><O>DSWIM, on Flickr


Sometimes, it’s difficult to appreciate a creation that’s paying homage to source material you’re not familiar with. Well, I’ve only caught glimpses of anything Masters of the Universe, but I have no trouble drooling over M<O><O>DSWIM’s latest creation. About Skeletor and Panthor I only know what I just read on Wikipedia, but that’s enough: the characters we see here speak for themselves. Together, they just remind you you have unfinished business elsewhere. The position ready for battle, the cape flapping in the wind, those empty eye sockets staring straight at you… With all of that intimidation, you’d almost forget to have a closer look at the build. And that would be a pity. You’d miss the genius construction of the face. You wouldn’t see how cleverly the hands and feet are made. You’d gloss over the interesting use of rather ‘happy’ colors to create something dark. The great head of the A-T-C-A-T would slip right past you. How could you appreciate how it’s both mechanical and alive: the inert walker transformed into a flashing predator? And it’s hard to notice anyway, but you’d completely miss the subtle way in which the hinges have been worked into the model. It would be a total shame to miss all of these aspects in a formidable character build. So be a (He-)man, conquer your fear and face that crafter of evil in his (or M<O><O>DSWIM’s) lair.


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