Oh, Look! Its First Steps!

You only have to take a quick look in the Technic subforum to realize a creation can be beautiful and functional at the same time. But sometimes, a model is that gorgeous, that you don’t even realize it hides some awesome functionality. You never saw moving parts coming because there are no gears, even no funny cracks to be seen: it just looked like an ordinary, terrific creation. Jason Alleman‘s latest creation is a prime example of such a creation: looking at the picture, you already see a stunning creation. The details are great, with an excellent gun, subtle ridges in the middle and some clever techniques to pimp up the middle legs. The complex shape has been recreated perfectly on a rather small scale, with virtually no gaps to be seen. That must be quite some construction inside! It’s lovely to look at, but wait… did it just move? It turns out the construction to keep up the panels isn’t too big. It’s small enough to have room for a complete walking mechanism. And it’s not just any mechanism: it’s robust, realistic and compact, as Jason managed to fit the motor, battery box and receiver all in there, making it completely autonomous. It’s versatile as well, because it’s possible to make take bends with just a little bit of pumping up the model. And all of that in such a magnificent frame. This model is genius in so many ways, making it one of the best AT-TE recreations of them all, not only in this particular scale, but in all scales. But that’s not a real surprise, is it, because it’s a creation by Jason. So even though it’s small, it still warrants a closer look. Get the most out of that movie above, or witness its full, paused pride on Flickr. And if you’re really impressed (as you should be), building instructions for the walking frame are available here.


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