New Blood

The Blood Hawk, by The Librarian, on Eurobricks


So we talked about the Expanded Universe recently. You might think the wonderful creation above belongs to it. Well, it does not. Actually, it’s more of an Expanded Expanded Universe creation. This Blood Hawk was built by the Librarian to fit in the same universe as his last creation. He expanded on the post-Legacy era, with no real Jedi Order but instead a wealth of loose, diverse sects. So having a Mandalorian Jedi is no problem. But you can understand he won’t be happy with your average Jedi Starfighter. He needs something aggressive, something beautiful but brutal, something swift and lethal, the Blood Hawk. The Librarian made it a typical Mandalorian ship, yet infusing it with new blood. I love the way he beefed up the fuselage compared to the original, making it appear stronger and still fast enough. In fact, the entire shape of the ship feels right, with every single area (including the underside) having some kind of slope or curve, except for the super-sleek wings. I particularly like the nose, with it’s pretty complex but flawless shape and little details like the blue part coming back up a bit. The details on the wings and the engines is pretty inspired: I never thought the character of a ship could go as deep as its details. Same goes for the pointy way the cockpit ends. All of these things make that this ship isn’t a mere recolored copy of the original, but rather one expanded with an entirely new, powerful character. I can already see it tearing through the galaxy, leaving awe and destruction in its wake, entirely at the top of the food chain. If it sped by too quickly for you, you can still see it parked in the topic, so that you can shiver from all angles.


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