The Universe just got Bigger

Our Expanded Universe Contest has finally come to a close. There were 4 entries in the diorama category, 5 entries in the spaceship category and 2 in the creature category. Maybe the quantity of the entries was a bit on the low side, but the quality was outstanding, making it incredibly hard to vote. In the end, Artizan did it again and won the diorama category with his lovely scene from the Dark Forces Trilogy, featuring impressive architecture, details galore and the perfect mood.

Rahn's Last Stand against the Dark Jedi, by Artizan, on Eurobricks


Naugem built the best spaceship. His I-7 Howlrunner is a beautiful, slick ship that combines what’s straight with what’s curved, creating something extremely fast and agile, yet with some power added by the nice greebles that are even prettier when looked at from up close.

I-7 Howlrunner, by naugem, on Eurobricks


Naugem also proved he’s a versatile builder by winning the creature category as well with his sweet Ysalamir, known for the ability to repel the Force. The model captures the sneaky look and gives us a nice texture to look at. These incredible builds all show there is still a wealth of amazing creations that have been left unbuilt. Time to change something about that! If you’d like some inspiration, it just so happens I know the perfect address to start: the overview of all the entries.

Ysalamir, by naugem, on Eurobricks

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