Metallic Silver Builders

Coruscant: Senate District, by One More Brick, on Flickr


One of the most prestigious competitions in the AFOL world is the Iron Builder. In each round, two builders face off to create as many awesome creations as possible in a month’s time, all using a particular seed part. In this round, Pepa Quin and One More Brick fight not with guns or swords, but the metallic silver barbell piece. And it so happens they both built a Star Wars creation. One More Brick built an extraordinary micro representation of the Coruscant Senate District. What’s impressive, is that he dealt with the cityscape as if he were building vegetation. You have the most notable features, all of the different trees, all of the unique and diverse skyscrapers. There’s the main focal point, a lonely shed, the Senate building. There’s texturing, the undergrowth, the smaller buildings. And there’s the guidance, the path leading to the shed, the air lane leading to the Senate building. So in every detail and even in composition, One More Brick built a perfectly natural landscape, but only with buildings. That incredible idea makes the scene so appealing and agreeable to look at, and makes it so much more than a random collection of helmets, weapons and seed parts. Yes, that idea and the perfect execution of it makes it hard to see where the build ends and the background starts. You see why One More Brick got invited to participate, if he can come up with this in so little time. So when you’re done drooling over the pictures of this build, be sure to check out what other natural uses he found for the seed part.


Star Wars: A New Hip, by Pepa Quin, on Flickr


What’s more natural than the ageing of all things? This is what Pepa Quin‘s Star Wars: A New Hip illustrates. He depicted our two heroes Han Solo and Leia Organa a little bit after their glory days. But still, it’s quite a glorious bit of character building. The heroes are perfectly recognizable, still have the character we know, and look exactly as we would imagine them so many years later. I love how our dynamic duo try to look as best as they can despite there weaknesses. Han with his blaster up high, but heavily leaning on his walking stick. Leia with that sneaky pose, clinging to her perfectly built walking rack. Or are they just deceiving you and are they ready to hit anything that looks remotely Imperial (their sight didn’t improve, you know) with their ‘equipment’. The surprisingly elaborate way in which their arms are articulated already suggests they’re still capable of quite a lot. With already 10 destroyed Death Stars behind them, I’m sure they can handle another one! It’s always nice when a creation encourages you to let your imagination go wild. All it took Pepa Quin to achieve this, were a couple of basic bricks, some specialized parts to create the perfect accessories and the seed part to complete the princess’ silver hairdo. So if you’re sight isn’t too good either, just click here for a bigger picture, and see what more builds Pepa Quin has ready to spark your imagination.


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