A Well-Balanced Walker

AT-ST, by anothergol, on Eurobricks


As a MOCcer, there are certain vehicles or locations you have a special connection to. You spent ages studying and recreating them, and know every detail. And when someone else tackles the same subject matter, you immediately spot small differences, with thoughts like “Hmm, he forgot that detail…”, “Wow, that must have been difficult!” or “Why didn’t I think of that?”. I have such a relationship with the AT-ST. Nearly a year ago, I recreated it digitally and was pretty pleased with it. Seeing anothergol‘s rendition lessened my satisfaction. Because it isn’t just a very detailed and faithful recreation of the original. He also managed to cram an interior in it. And this is not a digital creation, but a physical thing, and it stands. That while the model is fully articulated. The builder managed to achieve that with clicky joints and some special high-friction ball-cup connectors. He seamlessly integrated them into the model, even presenting the parts so, that they contribute to the detail of the model. Yes, with every inch of the model is covered in sweet detail, you wonder how there’s even room for structural elements. So this model is not a compromise between detail and functionality, it perfectly caters for both of them. So we have nice panels, great leg detail, sweet cells in the back, a handsome roof, lovely feet, even decorated joints, all combined and held together to form the ideal AT-ST replica. You can already imagine the amount of work and engineering that went into it. In fact, you don’t need to imagine it, because anothergol provided us with an insightful WIP topic. Take your notebooks and start reading, or jump directly to the finished product, to discover all the parts you never thought of. Try not to loose your balance.


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