The Perfect Voodoo Doll

Jar Jar Binks (Small Size), by umamen, on Flickr


Everyone who loves Jar Jar Binks, raise your hand please. Apart from Jar Jar himself above, I think a lot of you kept your hands neatly on your computer mouse or your touchscreen. But do you hate him so badly you wish you had a voodoo doll to end it all and project your pain? Well, then umamen‘s latest creation is right up your alley. If you’re more peace-loving and appreciate a good brick-built character, you’re good too. With a surprisingly small pile of bricks, umamen built an extremely accurate and expressive character. He nailed how long and thin his limbs are, and somehow I like those hips. They perfectly balance the model, and have been built in multiple dimensions to get away from the flatness that hurts quite a few character builds. The way the limbs connect is incredible as well, with a lot of unconventional sideways joints that allow for the perfect posing of the character. A lot of the character comes from the genius face as well. It amazes me how a number of simple pieces perfectly sketches the look of everyone’s favorite gungan. Umamen went through several versions to achieve this, so I think you’d be amazed at the work that went into building such a small model. That’s what makes it one of the best character builds in its size category. It might be the most beautiful figure no-one will ever want to have on his desk. Still, the likeliness is good enough for voodoo-purposes, with the posability allowing for some very uncomfortable situations. So dust of your book full of dark magic and delve into umamen’s pictures to start your practices.

But before you give in to the dark side, continue for a peek at umamen’s insane 8-inch episode VII trooper figure.

In case you’re wondering whether you’ve heard the name of the builder before, umamen is the one who built the astonishing stormtrooper figure a few months ago. You’d think it couldn’t get any better, but in fact he has done it once again and built a stunning First Order trooper from The Force Awakens. Once again, great details, impressive posing and a cool-factor that goes through the roof. Still, it isn’t a simple rehash with a different (and once again downright genius) head. When you take a closer look, you’ll be surprised by the number of differences making this model a familiar but different masterpiece. The arms feature some more detail now, and the shape of the legs has been refined. The back is great as well. It all makes for a figure that looks ready to take on a whole new generation of Rebels. These figures are truly inspiring, and I can only hope a series of amazing creations is in the making. A series of which I’d like to won every single entry…

Stormtrooper of episode VII (8 inch), by umamen, on Flickr

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