Next-Wing Fighters

It won’t be long before the episode VII sets will be officially revealed by LEGO. It’s already a certainty the successor of the X-wing will be one of the seven. Excited to see how it will look in bricks? We can’t show you set pictures, but we can show you two amazing MOCs that are the first incredible entries in the search to the definitive next X-wing creation. Or have we already found it? Judge for yourself after the jump.


X-wing, by StarWarsKev, on Flickr


StarWarsKev‘s entry is not just another entry in the MOC Olympics held by Imperium der Steine. Among all the big diorama’s, he built this rather small and simple scene. It doesn’t loose focus on all the small details. You immediately know what you’re looking at, and you instantly sense it’s beautiful. The water looks clean, and that whirling effect is just breathtaking: it might be the best water effect I’ve ever seen in bricks. The X-wing itself also uses some interesting techniques. I just can’t imagine what the inside of the fuselage would look like. At first, you might think it looks a bit haphazard, but in fact it perfectly replicates the true shape accurately, and it suggests some subtler detailing, like the different panels on the original. That’s a detail that’s often overlooked in creations that try to replicate every single aspect, because it’s barely noticeable and is hard to do with bricks. Yet, while forsaking other details, StarWarsKev managed to capture it, and ended up with an incredibly accurate and utterly gorgeous model. He teaches us to look beyond the obvious in a model to the essential. So go to his Flickr to check out his creation in greater… essence.


Resistance T-70 X-wing, by Wookieewarrior, on Flickr


“So, another X-wing creation… great!” But don’t leave just yet! Just take your time to take Wookieewarrior‘s creation in. A silly joke readily brings us to the engine intakes, of course. Instead of going for a conventional diameter and compromising the proportions, the builder used flex tubing and some lever magic to get it just right. In fact, there are quite a few places where he didn’t took the obvious route, but went the extra mile to give us something special. Look at those beautifully rounded wingtips, for example, or the rounded bottom of the fuselage, even in between the engines. Notice how the model isn’t symmetrical, with asymmetrical stains, different details on the wings and differently colored exhausts. Enjoy the nice curves behind the cockpit, and marvel at the cockpit itself. Wookieewarrior’s care for a clean shape helps to set the detailed elements apart, drawing your eyes gently to the business end of the fighter, but not too gently, as our fighter has already seen a bit of history. It makes it look fast, effective, authentic… and incredible swooshable. You can find bigger pictures on Wookieewarrior’s Flickr. Just print it out, cut it out (take care with those cannons!), and swoosh away! It’s either that or tossing your screen around. We don’t take responsibility for any damage that might occur.


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