We’re gonna need a bigger trench

Trench Run, by OliveSeon, on Flickr


Njiaaaww! Bleep bleep! (exciting music!) Pew pew! Woosh! Bang! We all felt the excitement and intensity of the iconic trench run scene, watching the movie on the edge of our seat. It would seem impossible to replicate that feeling with a single, still image. But OliveSeon‘s diorama leaves us with a pounding heart and gasping for air. It’s quite possibly the most dynamic diorama I’ve ever seen. That might be due to the neat composition. The main action is set apart by how perfectly straight the models fly, indicating the speed and creating a dramatic intensity: you can almost see the motion blur. It’s interesting how what would otherwise be an extremely static setup drives the suspense. It works because there’s the contrast with the crashed fighter, that shows the consequences of the speeds involved. There’s also the chaotic battle in the back, that serves as the perfect setting for the scene, vastly expanding it, and shows once more the concentration of the main action. The explosions going on and the laserbolts whizzing by don’t distract, but help to break things up and sell the flurry of the battle. Once your heart has calmed down from all the action, you might take your time to have a closer look at the trench itself. It features quite a few different modules and shapes, contributing to the authentic Death Star look. The UCS TIE fighter, TIE advanced and X-wing prominently sit in the foreground, yet there’s more to them than meets the eye, as the TIE advanced received an interesting cockpit MOD and the X-wings pilot seat is occupied by a brick-built figure. And they aren’t the only official sets used. You can recognize the AT-AP’s legs among the greebles, and the AT-DP’s cockpit used as cannon is quite ingenious… I suggest we forget about Nice Parts Usage! and turn to Nice Set Usage! for once. So strap yourself in, make the jump through hyperlink space and dive into the action to find out everything about this exciting creation here.


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