In a Galaxy Far, Far to the East

Two weeks ago, the second round of IdS’s MOC Olympics reached its peak. One of the most exciting standoffs to witness, was that one between Eurobricks members Cecilie and markus1984. The mission they chose to accept, was to let a far Eastern wind blow through the Star Wars universe. What followed was a hurricane of creativity.


Petranaki Arena, by Cecilie, on Eurobricks


It’s widely known that Star Wars was inspired by among others the samurai movies by Akira Kurosawa. When you think about it, there are indeed various similarities between the two worlds. In her entry, Cecilie fantastically showed how well they blend together as well. She drew inspiration from Japanese mythology to populate her marvelously translated Geonosian Arena with genuine mythological creatures. The setting oddly stunning and serene for such a gruesome purpose. I think we’ve never featured a landscape with such natural, harmonious and peaceful landscape here. And that pagoda is perfectly in place. Still, the high walls remind you of the true purpose. They are severe, prisonlike, yet again, beautiful. Just look at those ingenious roofs! The scen wouldn’t be what it is though, without those awesome creatures. Each one perfectly corresponds to its Geonosian counterpart. Just look how the Nine Tailed fox look so agile, with that amazing set of tails swooping behind it. And I don’t want to see that Qilin storming towards me, no matter how beautiful. And that fast and menacing dragon… it would be worth a blog article on its own. But I’ll leave the discovery to you. Be sure to keep an eye out for familiar faces. The Far East is this way.


The Iron Force, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


You might not have expected it, but there’s a wide range of possible Eastern creations. That’s demonstrated by how different markus1984‘s entry is. His source material was the martial arts video game Tekken. His entry is much darker but still captures the interesting contrast between peace, balance, harmony and brute power. The idyllic garden on top of the severe cliff looks like the perfect illustration of the idea. It’s mirrored by Luke-san’s peaceful demeanor in the face of a storming might. It might be connected to how the Force works, but this is a blog about LEGO, not philosophy. It’s just that markus1984 gives us such a powerful image, with the haunting, twisted trees, the perfect architecture overlooking the battle and the vast expanse of space water, and the court itself. He used some interesting techniques to set the stone of the court apart from the rocks, and to give the facade of the house an incredibly fine structure. His fancy techniques don’t feel forced however, they just are the perfect way to build what’s necessary. You can see the builder didn’t go overboard with details, but the ones that are present matter, and are utterly beautiful. The creation itself strikes the perfect balance it is trying to tell about. So two contrasting themes have been united flawlessly. To get in touch with your yin and yang, just click here (there’s no dodgy website behind that link, even though it might sound like it). With two such amazing creations, it hardly matters which one made it to the next round, as each of them is already a victory of building. But if your curious, it suffices to say you’ll certainly see more of Cecilie’s delicious creations here in the future. And markus1984’s jaw-dropping creations you’ll see as regularly as usual.


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