A long time ago… kind of

It’s that time of the year again! On the German forum Imperium der Steine, the MOC Olympics have started once more with what looks like the most amazing edition yet. I know… it has been going on for a couple of weeks already. Sadly, things got in the way of blogging. Therefore, in the next couple of days you’ll see quite a few somewhat older builds as I try to work away the backlog. I’m pretty sure that won’t make you appreciate them less though;

Star Wars Olympics: chariot race, by Legopard, on Flickr


The MOC Olympics revolves around a bracket system. In each round, two builders face each other with builds revolving around some unique theme. This can be anything from recreating a famous scene to building an Architecture-style Star Wars set. Legopard was challenged to incorporate Star Wars into a completely new theme. In response, he built something quite new: actual, ancient Star Wars Olympics. When watching Ben Hur lately, it already struck me how much the pod race resembled the iconic chariot racing scene. Here we see a similar scene. I love how perfectly the two concepts have been blended. The chariots themselves actually succeed in not looking like fancy technology, but rather like overly dressed wagons, adding to the ‘authentic’ feel. I love how Vader’s one is so tank-like, while Luke’s one is light and agile: perfect translations of the concepts. Furthermore, the building is simple but great, elegant and detailed where needed, with a subtle roof and nice steps. And the natural, interesting terrain and the lonely tree give it an amazing atmosphere. You can almost see past the deficiencies of the bricks and see the horses running not quite at light speed but almost, and the dust sweeping up high, and spears perfectly taking over the job of laserblasts. I just don’t want to think about what the proton torpedo’s would look like… But you’re free to let your imagination go wild: park your chariot here for inspiration.

Full steam ahead!, by Vauban, on Imperium der Steine


Vauban also had to put his imagination to work when he received his theme: Steampunk. We saw many great Steampunk builds last year with FBTB’s MOC Madness, so it must have been quite a challenge to come up with something new and wonderful. But Vauban delivered. He cleverly recreated the opening scene from A New Hope. The Tantive IV is nice and cute in it’s own right, with exactly the right parts to give it texture and a Steampunk vibe. The Imperial Cloud Destroyer really is the pride of the Armada, with the strong design, proud smokestacks, powerful engines. And that smoothly curved hull is just so delicious… The greebles on the side are a nice touch as well, appropriate as they are here. To make it all even better, the builder set it all on a beautiful display, with yet another impressive desert landscape and some amazing micro modelling. And that’s not all… the sides are stuffed with all kinds of scenes from Episode IV, well, kind of. The creativity and nice building simply has no end! It’s a stunning piece. It would look perfectly in place in any Victorian room you might have in your house. But if you don’t have that luxury, don’t worry. You can gaze at the masterpiece right here.


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