[SoNE Ep. IX] In the Shadow of the Sun

Episode IX: In the Shadow of the Sun, on Eurobricks


You’ve waited long enough, but finally it’s here: the next episode of the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka! In this ninth episode, it proves nearly impossible to bring the Black Sun crime syndicate down, and the factions decide to try for an alliance instead. This means their agents have to fully cooperate with the organization in order to get more information and to earn some favors. But is the smuggling, spying and downright killing worth it?

So if you like building something different in the Star Wars universe, if you like telling stories or if you crave for a warm community, join right in! As an extra motivation, in this episode we have some prizes to give away. RoyalBrickCustoms has kindly offered to design and provide some unique SoNE-themed cloth minifig accessories! More details on that later. The episode is open until September 19th, and new players can join at any time. For more information about the episode, go to this topic. And if you’d like to know more about our building role playing game and would like to register, here‘s the recruitment office.


Episode IX: In the Shadow of the Sun, on Eurobricks

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