The Ateryn Dawn

The Ateryn Dawn, by The Librarian, on Eurobricks


Have you ever heard of the Ateryn Dawn?  No, well apparently it could do the Kessel run very quickly, or so I’ve been told!  This is the first MOC that Eurobricks member, The Librarian, has made for a long time and it’s the personal starship of Jedi Shadown Rhaga Venn.  At 87cm long it’s a sizeable model, and he’s taken inspiration from the Blockade Runner and Republic Cruiser and blended these together to create a very elegant design.  When I first saw it, I was reminded of some of Bob De Quatre’s MOCs; meticulously constructed, distinctive and crammed with great details.  It’s one of those models which looks impressive from virtually every angle, but I particularly like the oversized engines which give a indication of its potential speed, plus the subtle aging of the hull which help to break up the expanse of greys.  Personally I think that the top cannons are a little too long, but otherwise I can’t fault it.  Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a look.


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