EBSWF Blog Interview: Bob De Quatre

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INTERVIEW: Bob De Quatre

Bob De Quatre avatarToday we’re interviewing Bob De Quatre, our very own Sci-Fi Moderator and a talented builder from France.

EBSWF: So, Bob, how did you get into the LEGO hobby? What is it that attracts you in Space and Star Wars in particular?

I guess I get into Lego hobby like most of us here, by being a child playing with Lego… My collection back then was already mostly space themed, with Blacktron and M-tron sets. I’m also a 7th art lover, again mostly Sci-Fi. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I was a kid. I was 9 or 10 when I first saw RotJ on my uncle’s TV, he watching the movie while I was playing with… Legos. I have a photographic memory,  and some scenes like the Sarlac pit were carved in my mind. I guess that not long after that I started watching the movies and dived deep in a galaxy far, far away….

EBSWF: In a couple of years, you went from regular member to Sci-Fi moderator. How did you get involved in the AFOL community in the first place?

My first contact with Star Trek the AFOL community was in 2012. As an adult I’ve seen the UCS Star Destroyer, and I always wanted one, but I was still in dark age. In early 2012 I finally decided to build one, but I found pictures of an Executor and decided to go for it. I looked for pictures, instructions, and that’s when I discovered Eurobricks. I joined after a few months of lurking…

EBSWF: What are the up- and downsides of being a moderator, apart from being stuck in the wrong forum of course?

I was surprised when Bonaparte asked me to become a regulator here. I wasn’t sure to have what it takes (and I’m still not sure). There are lots of downsides being a moderator. Like I’ll never have the chance to win a contest :sweet:. Joke aside, being a moderator takes time and isn’t as easy as some might think. There are some difficult situations, for exemple when members don’t follow the rules and then don’t understand when you tell them kindly… then you have to them in a less kindly way, and that’s a part of the job I don’t like. I don’t think Sci-Fi is “the wrong forum”, there are lots of interesting and various themes in Sci-Fi. Making an original MOC really feels starwarish isn’t that simple.

EBSWF: Being involved in SoNE from the very beginning, and now running AG (Andromeda’s Gates) on the Sci-Fi forum, what do you like so much about setting up these community projects?

I think I simply like community projects. When I look at all those MOCs done for SoNE, and AG now, I can’t help but think that most of them wouldn’t have been built if we didn’t started those building games. We’ve seen players progressing, acquiring techniques and building better. I don’t build much, but I’m happy to bring opportunities for EB members to build more and participate in something here on EB.

EBSWF: Apart from being a very active community member, you’re also an extremely talented creator of both Star Wars and other ships, often with crazy techniques. How do you go about this? What’s your big secret?

You’ll make me blush :blush: … Well My big secret is… Oh wait, someone rings at the door.

EBSWF: Space pirates, space ninjas… not only are your creations amazing, the mere concepts are flabbergasting. Where do you keep getting the inspiration for these crazy mashups?

My inspiration is: Why not? If it’s possible, and if it’s fun, just let’s do it. I don’t think there is a recipe for having inspiration. It just comes, or not…

EBSWF: Your first creations were mostly digital, but later you moved to physical bricks. How did this transition go and what are the main differences?

Well in fact all my big projects are all made in LDD first, with the exception of my latest entry for AG (the Cockroach). Now I use LDD to test things, to assemble bricks when I got an idea, that allows me to get back at them later when needed. So I haven’t been through a complete transition, I just have more bricks and so tend to build more with bricks.

EBSWF: Are you currently working on any projects, or do you have a creation you’ve dreamed of doing for a long time?

I just finished a project (B-wing MOD) and have nothing to work on at the moment. I guess I’ll always dream to build more iconic Star Wars ships, we’ll see if some of those dreams come true one day.

EBSWF: What do people who aren’t LEGO fans think of your hobby?

They tend to understand, now that I have builds to show. I’m not into minifigures, I build spaceships, so people understand when I explain that for me Lego bricks are a medium to express my creativity. I could paint, I could carve rocks, but no, I sculpt with Lego bricks. And that people understand.

EBSWF: How has the LEGO hobby changed or impacted your life? Do you have any practical uses for LEGO?

First the Lego hobby is costly, so it had a direct impact on my life. I’ve bought an appartment 2 years ago, and one of my two chambers have turned to a Lego room.To make AG runs smoothly I almost don’t work anymore on Monday, well I go to work, but I spend the whole day on EB… Honestly, I think I spend too much time on that hobby…

EBSWF: Other than LEGO, do you have any other hobbies?

I try to do sport, it’s important. I’m also a volunteer at my local movie theater, so I spent lots of time there to receive the public and to watch movies (thanks for the episode VII spoilers by the way…).


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