[MOC] UCS B-Wing

 UCS B-Wing, by Bob De Quatre, on Eurobricks


I was chatting to EB’s Sci-Fi Moderator Bob De Quatre a few months ago and he mentioned that he was working on a Star Wars project, and asked if I would be interested in helping him with it.  So after a lot of emails, several LDD files and couple of suggestions from me, Bob’s latest MOC is finished and I hope you’ll agree that it’s well worth the countless hours that he’s dedicated to it.

I’ve tinkered with LDD and, to be honest, it has driven me to distraction on more than one occasion so I’m constantly in awe of those who have mastered the complexities of it.  Perhaps I’m too old for such things!   Anyway, it’s been great to see the transition from LDD into real elements, and it looks even better than I’d imagined.

I know that Bob struggled with the cockpit, and tried several designs before finally settling on this.  The curves of it are very difficult to replicate with LEGO, and whilst Bob’s design isn’t perfect, I feel that it’s a significant improvement on the short-lived 10227.  The rest of the MOC is stunning, with every surface using ‘SNOT’ techniques to give it a beautiful smoothness, and it’s crammed with every imaginable detail.  Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a look the other photos of Bob’s very own B-Wing!


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