UCS Sith Infiltrator

 UCS Sith Infiltrator, by Anio, on Eurobricks


There are a handful of LEGO builders that have an almost magical ability to create MOCs, and you just know that when they release something new it’s bound to be worth a look.  Anio is one of those talented few, and in the last few years he‘s built a reputation for excellence amongst the SW community, which leads me neatly onto his latest creation.

I’ll admit that the Sith Infiltrator isn’t anywhere near my favourite ship, and won’t ever be in the same league as the Falcon, Star Destroyer, Nebulon B or Slave 1, but it does have a certain appeal and Anio has clearly tried his best to replicate it at a UCS-scale.  His MOC is very close the original shape, and Anio’s made the best of the limited details available to add interest to it.  In particular, the dark red slopes used for the front screen and exposed greebling along the hull look great, and help to set it apart from other versions that I’ve seen.  Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a closer look.


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