The Sacred Baseplates of Endor

Battle of Endor, by StarWarsKev, on Flickr


StarWarsKev must have quite a fascination for his UCS Imperial shuttle. Almost a year ago, he built an excellent piece of scenery for it. It was big, rich and detailed. Well, it was, because now he treats us on an amazing battle of Endor. There have been a couple of incredible creations depicting the epic battle, so you might think it has become hard to wow us. And yet, that’s exactly what his creation does. What makes his creation unique, is the presence of quite a few iconic locations, like the landing platform, the bunker, and the shield generator. Especially that last one hasn’t been rendered a lot in its full glory. And this version is immediately the definitive one, with the perfect intricate shape and tasty textures, and complete with bat shelter. The bunker is much smaller, but as notable, because of its incredible trapezoidal shape. Furthermore, it sits perfectly in three dimensions. In general, I love the slight height differences in the landscape, where most creations are very flat. Complemented by that ubiquitous vegetation, not perfectly straight trees and differently colored patches, the scene feels all the more natural, and the artificial elements feel more like a strain on the landscape. It tells the perfect story. So admire it in the Flickr album, and don’t forget to check out the WIP thread to discover all the little secrets to making more than your average mind-boggling diorama.


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