“Welcome, young Skywalker”

 Welcome, young Skywalker, by Nilsøn Lewiński, on flickr

“Welcome, young Skywalker,” the Evil One smiled graciously. ”I have been expecting you.”

Following the release of the new ‘Death Star Final Duel’ set (75093) I’ve seen several great re-creations of this classic scene, and I thought it was about time to blog one of them.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, Luke finally meets the Evil Emperor, and without any provocation his Dad throws the defenceless Emperor into a bottom-less chasm, which I always felt was a little unfair!

Anyway, I was looking around flickr today and found this image by the highly talented Nilsøn Lewiński, and he’s managed to create another masterpiece.  Somehow, Nilsøn has managed to capture both the look and ‘feel’ of the scene perfectly and I cannot fault it.  The lighting is excellent, and he’s even managed to add just the right amount of shadow the Emperor’s face to make him suitably menacing!  Head over to flickr and take a look at this stunning piece of LEGO artwork, and while you’re there browse through the rest of Nilsøn’s photostream, you won’t be disappointed.


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