SDCC Star Wars exclusive set: the official pictures

SDCC Star Wars exclusive set official picture, on Eurobricks


It won’t be long before the San Diego Comic Cons opens the doors, to let thousands of fans in to indulge theirselves in panels, stands, costumes about their favorite obsessions. As usual, LEGO will be offering an exclusive set for sale at their booth for $39.99. With 177 pieces, the set is a nice micro representation of everything there’s to see on Dagobah, although a Dragonsnake doesn’t seem to be included. The micro X-wing is identical to the 2011 advent calendar one, and Artoo doesn’t seem to be different from the one from Anakin’s starfighter. All in all, it’s a pretty sweet set, and a perfect fit with the micro Tatooine build from Star Wars Celebration. I wonder, if the exclusive builds introduced the microfighters line, we’ll ever see similar sets in stores… For now, discuss it in the Pictures and Rumors topic.


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