Banana? Meiloorun Fruit!

Minion Yoda, by car_mp, on Flickr


Minions! You either love or hate them, and although they’ve managed to show up more or less anywhere, I wager you hadn’t expected seeing them here. You have car_mp to thank. He has been turning all sorts of characters into LEGO minions over the last couple of months. Recently, he has been decorating our favorite characters with a single, googly eye and a cylindrical body. Sounds absurd, but the result is rather pleasant. In the picture above, we’re still seeing the spirit of Yoda, and not some grotesque piece of merchandise. For a minion, he still has that mysterious demeanor and sense of wisdom over him. Impossible? Well, it is a day of surprises! And if this wonderful piece hasn’t turned you to the yellow side, have a look at other creations forging Star Wars, Minions and superb small scale building into cute miracles you have to like, like the Minion in carbonite below. So check out car_mp’s photostream for more, or mourn over the fact Disney hasn’t acquired the rights over the Minions yet, ruling out possible guest appearances in future movies. Oh well…


Minion Yoda, by car_mp, on Flickr

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