Of Flesh and ABS

Ralph McQuarrie's Han Solo, by Concore, on Flickr


On this blog, we strive to show you the best creations from the LEGO Star Wars universe. And scrolling down, we hope you see loads of great MOCs. However, you might notice something’s missing. Looking at Concore‘s amazing work made me realize this. You see, we’ve featured so many MOCs, but we haven’t touched a lot on the subject of custom Star Wars minifigures. You might think there’s not so much creativity involved in that, as most characters have already been done and a single minifig can’t possibly be as much work as an entire creation. Or it could be your opinion that the results are often quite weak compared to the grandiose, detailed and realistic MOCs. But once you’ve seen Concore’s work, you know that can’t be true. We’ve featured some of his decals long ago, but recently he has started to create completely new, highly detailed and absolutely gorgeous minifigs, from Doctor Who over Tintin to our beloved franchise. Above, you can see his recent and possibly best creation. It is indeed a Star Wars figure, since it’s a representation of the original concept art Ralph McQuarrie did for Han Solo. It’s hard for us to think about what the famous smuggler could have been, except for what he is, but here we have plenty of fuel for our imagination. It’s an incredible figure, with personality through all of the details and the pose. It’s as expressive as a minifigure can get, and it doesn’t need an elaborate setting to tell a story. With this kind of incredible creations, Concore is filling up the gaps in the minifigure population we never know we missed. So go on a blind date on his Flickr, and meet all of those characters you never saw, but now can’t look away from.


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