The Emperor’s Finest Minifigures

Yinchorr - Royal Guard Academy, by Disco86, on Eurobricks


Over the years, I’ve noticed this trend in the Star Wars MOCcing world. Builders are shifting away their attention from the classic vehicles and scene, most of them already done to perfection by a talented builder. More and more, we’re starting to see new and fresh scenes from the Expanded Universe. You might remember Disco86’s Mount Tantiss cloning chamber from almost a year ago. With his Royal Guard Academy, he demonstrates once more how capable he is in converting a minimum of source material into a believable and unbelievable scene. The Academy where the Emperor’s finest soldiers are trained appears in a few frames of the The Crimson Empire comic book series. Disco86 totally surpassed it with his monumental build, incorporating the known elements and enhancing them. That pitt is amazing, not in the least because of all of the small details giving it a sense of scale and lethal refinement. The barren landscape and the stark rocks, the brutal elements forced to be of use, they lift the spartan impression to a new level. The silent black and white trainees give it a ghostly appearance. And then there’s the shuttle, of which you’re not sure it looks more like a swan or a vulture. I think it’s incredible how the builder managed to create a scene that radiates such silence, such power and such menace, without using any stereotype. It’s completely new to me, not only in the Star Wars universe. You can feel the chills yourself if you’re going to inspect the premises of Legoland Germany in the period of 4-7 June. Or you can just go on a round through the topic.


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