A Marvelous Contest

Star Wars vs Marvel contest, on Eurobricks


So you’ve built a battle pack, are finishing your Expanded Universe entry, and are wondering what in the name of the Force you’ll be doing with your life afterwards? Or maybe you’re waiting for something completely new to build and are full of originality? Or maybe you’re not only a huge Star Wars fan, but have action figures sprinkled on your LEGO shelves? Well, then we have a challenge for you. Alongside the Expanded Universe competition, there’s a Star Wars vs Marvel building competition running in the forum, joining Disney’s biggest acquired franchises. The premise is simple: somehow the Marvel and Star Wars universe have collided. What now? Will Thor and the Emperor cross lightning beams? Will troops of Hydra agents flood the Senate? Or will Chewie and the Hulk be best buddies? And will Darth Vader enjoy hands-free chess with Magneto? Two universes are yours to control! You have 64×64 studs at your disposition to let your mind run free. So builders, assemble! in the topic in Watto’s Junkyard. And don’t freak out when you see strange but beautiful builds here in the next month…


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