Another Infiltrated Picture

75096 Sith Inifiltrator, in the 2015 Pictures and Rumors topic, on Eurobricks


A yes, the summer’s almost here (sorry if you’re on the southern hemisphere…). Apart from nice weather and holidays, it means new LEGO sets! As of June 1st, the five sets we knew off (excluding the Advent Calendar) are available in stores and online. But we know only a little about the other sets. A single blurry picture of a The Force Awakens set appeared this week, but apart from some names and prices, we don’t have a clue. And only yesterday we could have a look at the 75096 Sith Infiltrator pictured above. This will likely be an exclusive set, with 660 pieces and a rumored price of 99.99 EUR. It’s a completely different approach than the 2011 version, and I quite like the result. The shaping is really smooth and smart, and while the wing section looks like it’s a direct copy of the TIE Advanced prototype, that only helps you to identify the ship’s heritage. Anakin and Watto seem to unchanged from 2011, Darth Maul looks even better with new printing, and Qui Gon’s poncho is a nice addition. Other nice inclusions such as the speeder, the probe droids and the perfectly integrated spring missiles will probably make this a set with wide appeal. See what others have to say about it, and share your thoughts in the Pictures and Rumors topic.


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