Rebel’s Finest Hour

Attack on Lothal, by Donnie Bricko, on Eurobricks


Step by step, scenes from Star Wars Rebels get portrayed in bricks. With a lot more locations appearing in the next season, I have no doubt we’ll see more of them through our ABS glasses. In the meantime, we can enjoy Donnie Bricko’s ‘Attack on Lothal’. It features the AT-DP and an improved ITT in the show’s recognizable Imperial hangar. It’s clearly Imperial, but the creator managed to capture the distinct look of the site. The accurate lighting, bringing the open hangar door in memory, definitely adds to that feeling. And apart form the excellent greebles, there’s the incredible round platform. If it’s in the show, I missed it, but no matter what, Donnie Bricko (re)created a thing of beauty. Round shapes are tricky to pull of, and here it has some nice concentric panels reminding me of the Emperor’s throne room. So this creation manages to capture all the Imperial details and references, without making it look generic. It has the unique action going on, and all of that in a great composition: the markings on the floor and the inset columns in the walls give the viewer some context. All of those nice details in a tight and classy jacket. So travel to Lothal, dodge the lasers, and enjoy the view of the hangar.


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