[SoNE VIII] Honest Rebels, Wicked Imperials ?

[SoNE Ep VIII] Shaping the Odds - results, on Eurobricks


The Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka’s podrace has come to an end. Many racers participated, helped or… discouraged by one or both factions. In the end, LucasLaughing’s excellent ‘The Suns will come out tommorow’ came in first, only a few studs ahead of goatman461 and WickNole. The Empire had one participant more, but the Rebels had a higher average score. What really made the difference though, was the betting competition. Out of the 105 combinations, the Rebels guessed 47 correctly. Not bad, until you compare it to the whopping 87 correct guesses of the Empire. Maybe it was their detailed analysis of the previous episodes, a natural instinct, or maybe they’re just better at cheating and manipulating. In total, it’s 38 points for the Rebels and 48 for the Imperials. You can check out all the details about the results here. With 3 victories for the Empire and 5 for the Rebellion, balance in the galaxy is restoring. So now more than ever, you can make a difference. Learn more about SoNE, and even though the next episode won’t begin for a couple of weeks, there’s always time for a freebuild.


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